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This website was created and is maintained by the Vancouver Participatory Economics Collective

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The Participatory Democracy Party of Canada exists (will exist?) to establish a new economic and political system in Canada, which will create what we call a Participatory Society. No more representative, parliamentary democracy that elects politicians to serve the interest of the rich. No more corporations, advertising, stock market, interest rates or banks. We seek to eliminate these institutions or replace them with participatory structures. The system we seek to implement is classless and fosters direct democracy, solidarity, equity, diversity and justice. It does not encourage war, poverty, or environmental destruction, but rather the opposite.

Political System: We seek to implement a nested council structure instead of a Parliamentary system. It is participatory and organized to allow every citizen voting rights in proportion to how much they are affected by the decision. Everyone would have much more say on Governmental issues than they have today. Click here for more information.

Economic System: We seek to implement what is known as a Participatory Economy, in which a new working environment called a balanced job complex is created. Everyone in a Balanced Job Complex would have empowering work and the right to vote on workplace issues. Participatory Economics uses a participatory planning procedure instead of markets to generate and distribute goods and services. It is a truly different economy that is much more just than capitalism. Click here for more information.

Our Party Structure: Members of our party participate in a nested council structure similar to what would be implemented in a Participatory Government. Our candidates are controlled by the nested councils. Thus if you vote for us, you vote to give yourself a voice. Click here for more information.

Please see our constitution and leaflet

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